About Lindsay Schindler

(fiddle/violin, vocals)

Lindsay has established herself as an electrifying performer. As a child studying classical violin she developed a valuable foundation and excelled in her technical ability. A need to diversify and push boundaries led her to experiment with various other styles of music. Finding her passion in performance and fiddle music, she continues to embrace traditional repertoire from many regions of the world, as well as write her own music. Having performed in Ireland, Japan, across the USA and Canada, Lindsay has brought her energy to many concert halls, theatres and festivals.

Far and Wide Music

Far and Wide Music connects musicians from coast to coast and ignites their passion for learning and music.

With over twenty years of teaching experience and extensive teacher training, Lindsay strives to ignite the passion for music in her students through a fun and caring environment.

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Mini Music is a Suzuki based baby/toddler music and movement class where child and parent participate in music based activities. Traditional songs and rhymes, rhythmic activities, and movement are the foundation of the program.  Children from infants to 36 months, accompanied by an adult, thoroughly enjoy this program while creating the foundation for the next chapter in their musical lives. (Currently Unavailable)

Suzuki Violin:

“Musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which can be developed.  Any child who is properly trained can develop musical ability just as all children develop the ability to speak their mother tongue.  The potential of every child is unlimited.” -Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Lindsay offers Suzuki violin lessons in her studio in Thames Centre as well as online through Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. Utilizing the Suzuki method, she believes a strong foundation can pave the way to any style of playing, and benefit children far beyond simply music education.


Recognizing that their are many fiddle styles throughout Canada influenced by region and history, Lindsay helps students to develop their repertoire, improve technique and experiment with various unique ideas! Private lessons available in person or online.

Intro to Ukelele:

In person or online lessons for beginners. Introducing students to this fun instrument and the basics of tuning, holding, strumming and basic chords that will enable them to play tons of fun songs! With focus on traditional and folk music of Canada and beyond.


A six week group fiddle class offered to beginner and intermediate level fiddlers. With an emphasis on fun, the course introduces new tunes, techniques and focuses on ensemble playing. (Currently online only)






Current Projects


Rant Maggie Rant

Since their debut in 2008, RANT MAGGIE RANT has consistently won over audiences at festivals, folk clubs, town halls, churches, concert halls and symphonic stages. The original goal was to take traditional Celtic music as the foundation, then liberally and unapologetically colour outside the prescribed lines. In a nut-shell, have fun!





Trent Severn Band

Trent Severn is an acclaimed Ontario folk trio who sing original, contemporary songs easily described as “Canadian history in harmony”. Topically modern with a humorous twist, Trent Severn have inspired audiences all over Canada to share a patriotic laugh and let their glowing hearts melt away. Comprised of talented multi-instrumentalists, singers and songwriters Dayna Manning, Emm Gryner and Lindsay Schindler, Trent Severn is a truly DIY band that showcases beautifully-crafted, evocative songs that continue the deeply poetic legacy of true ‘red and white’ pioneering troubadours.


Lindsay can often be found as a guest musician on stage or in the studio for several artists including Emm Gryner, Dayna Manning, Meghan Schroder, Paul Mills, Karen Emeny, Brent Jones, Brad Canning and more.