Buy the Book – Fiddle Volume 1

Designed for both students and teachers, Far & Wide Fiddle Volume One is a step by step approach to traditional and original fiddle tunes. It uses a building block approach to develop technique and build repertoire in a logical sequential fashion! Additionally, the book is accompanied with an audio recording to match the written arrangements providing all of the tools required to learn!

Far & Wide Fiddle Volume One is great supplementary material for fiddle keen Suzuki violin students, RCM students and even school programs. For students looking to dive right into learning to fiddle without any previous experience, this book & recording stands on its own and will get you on your way!

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Download the accompanying audio files:

1 Twinkle Twinkle

2 Fairy Lullaby

3A Boil ‘Em Cabbage Long Bows

3B Boil ‘Em Cabbage Down

4A Cripple Creek

5 Rocking The Baby

6 Egan’s Polka

7 Auntie Mary

8 Meandering Way

9 Boil ‘Em Cabbage Down AB

10 Rubber Dolly

11 Whiskey In The Jar

12 Hundred Pipers

13 Westphalia Waltz v2

14 Old Joe Clark

15 The Parting Glass

16 The Kesh Jig

17 The Irish Washerwoman

18 Whiskey Before Breakfast

19 Arkansas Traveler